A Simple Shift in Perspective with Energy Coach Jen Poulson

Jen joined me for two podcast episodes talking through the energetics of dis-ease. Because you are both energy and matter, there's often an imbalance in the energy body when symptoms show up. In this episode, Jen guides us through an energy session to clear stuck energy. Watch it here.


Jen Poulson is an Intuitive Life Coach and the creator of Year of Miracles.  She has been helping entrepreneurs and coaches for over a decade with their most important work - their Inner Work.  

She helps her clients identify and release their hidden subconscious beliefs that create self-doubt, overwhelm and sabotage. Her work guides her clients to deep forgiveness, trauma healing, generational healing work/life balance, business success, improved relationships, a life full of miracles and deep inner peace.  Her unique  method creates quick and lasting results. 

Jen's signature Year of Miracles program is now available on an audio app so you can have her energetic and emotional support at your fingertips.

Give Year of Miracles a try with a 15 minute audio gift from her program focused on helping you Connect to Your Divine Truth.  

Check out Jen's own podcast here where you'll find more guided coaching sessions: https://jenpoulson.com/pages/podcast

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Brandy Searcy founder Rain Organica

About the Author

Brandy's a formulation scientist and self-proclaimed health geek who loves hiking, gardening, bird-watching, and body boarding. 

Her struggle with acne during her teens and 20s led to a holistic and healthy approach to skincare, embracing skin as an organ to be loved and cared for rather than a canvas to wage war on. 

Since 2008, she's been developing all-in-one products for a simple routine at home, & Rain Organica started when her backpacking friends asked for a portable skincare routine to keep their skin healthy & happy on and off the trails.

You can try Rain Organica for yourself with The Essentials Kit, a complete skincare routine in just 3 steps.

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