vegan skincare made for adventure

A simple skincare routine to travel with you anywhere - even backpackpacking

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the explorer's simple Skincare Routine

A skincare routine so simple you can take it anywhere. These pack friendly products are made to travel with you whether you're hiking, bakpacking, skiing, or jet-setting and let you move seamlessly from everyday to play. Just toss them in your backpack and go!

Sustainably Made
Travel Friendly Sizes
Small Batch Process

Lightweight Skincare for Backpacking

Packed with active ingredients to minimize your skincare routine while protecting & caring for your skin.

All products are offered in convenient lightweight travel sizes so you can take your skincare routine anywhere, including backpacking.

Pack Essentials Kit

Sustainable Skincare for Backpacking

Crafted with sustainable, ethically sourced ingredients & delivered to you in low eco-impact packaging so you can feel great about your choice of skincare, both for your skin & for the planet.

Our sustainability efforts

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