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I absolutely love collaborating on stories and welcome speaking opportunities.

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Rain Organica is committed to making skincare understandable... and portable.

Here's a list of (relevant) topics I'm most passionate about sharing my thoughts on:

Acne & Skin pH

Acne was the bane of my existence for many years. The psychological scars are still with me even if my appearance has (mostly) recovered. I learned so many lessons about how not to treat acne in the years I waged a violent war with it & reveal those lessons - from the role of skin pH on acne to what I learned about traditional (& non-traditional) treatment options in this presentation.

Navigating the Preservative Landscape

Preservatives are ESSENTIAL to any skincare formulation containing water.  I’ve been on the quest for the best preservative system for about 12 years now, and I’d love to share what I’ve learned.  We’ll cover EU Annex V, discuss alternatives to traditional preservatives, and talk natural preservatives.

Going Green: How to incorporate sustainability into your brand

Oriented towards skincare brands, we’ll discuss the entire supply chain (partnering with eco-conscious ingredient suppliers - and why it’s cheaper than you think to green up your packaging, plus key considerations for shipping, & the details... unboxing, product labels, & more). 

Any product based company can incorporate the key principles from this talk into its brand mindset.

The difference between sunscreens & antioxidants

Find out more about this topic in the press kit download.


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