About Rain Organica

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Natural Wellness & Simple Routines

Rain Organica started with a single idea... to take the overwhelm out of skincare.

By offering a simple 3-step routine that provides your skin with everything it needs (a well-rounded topical diet) and works for every skin type (dry, acne prone, sensitive, and every skin type in between), Rain Organica decluttered your counter with clean, effective skincare.

What began as a very succinct mission expanded into something much broader once I started sharing Rain Organica's story and why it's so important for your overall health to use clean skincare. 

In the middle of an interview about xenoestrogens and other endocrine disruptors, that still small voice screamed at me in a whisper "you know... you're voluntarily taking the biggest xenoestrogen known to man on a daily basis, right?"

a woman walking through a field at sunset while tossing her shawl over her shoulders as if to say "I'm free" with the words "fertility awareness for natural contraception"

Ditching the pill for natural contraception

That whisper led to me breaking up with hormonal birth control... after 20+ years on the pill.  Like any bad relationship, I was blinded to the many side effects I'd been experiencing by the beauty of what hormonal birth control had to offer... control.

While on the pill, I'd developed gallbladder disease and an autoimmune condition (both of which significantly correlate with hormonal contraceptive use).

Within 2 weeks of ditching hormonal birth control, I also developed my first ever UTI, and a year+ later discovered the reason for those now recurrent UTIs was due to dysregulated glucose metabolism almost definitely caused by long-term use of hormonal birth control.

By this point, blinders fully off, Rain Organica's mission broadened.


What started with skincare has led to this path... a wellness brand here to support you every step of your way because


 in matters of wellness, it all matters


fertility awareness instructor and natural reproductive specialist Brandy Searcy sitting outside during a hormone health coaching session with her computer in hand

Restoring your hormonal balance

Here you'll find self-guided programs to help you understand your body and one-on-one sessions to support you in naturally restoring hormonal balance.

With 20+ years experience in the medical/pharmaceutical field and an understanding of the power of holistic healing modalities (from my own health journey), I'm well-equipped to guide you and support you in your own journey towards reclaiming balance.

A little more about me

I'm Brandy Searcy, a chemical engineer hailing from Georgia Tech and have been in the world of formulation development for a while now... including more than a decade as a pharmaceutical formulation development scientist.

Even though I claim not to have imposter's syndrome (fingers crossed), I just finished a course to become a certified health coach and am currently pursuing certification as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor.  I'm also enrolled in an aromatherapy certification program.

My street cred speaks volumes beyond any actual certifications.  Here's the deal:  I've self-hacked and reversed my own breast cyst and discovered the root cause of my recurrent UTIs (and proceeded to resolve those with modifications to diet and lifestyle to support healthy glucose metabolism). 

I know enough about several fertility awareness methods (most notably Creighton Model and Marquette Method) to wow certified instructors, and I'm self-taught (over 300 hours of research) in hormonal balance and about 12 different fertility awareness methods. 

Rain Organica's signature program Fertility Awareness for Natural (& Confident) Contraception is the result of those hours spent in researching these topics and that self-guided program's available when you're ready to guide you through which fertility awareness method's right for you and your body during this phase of your life.

  Ayurvedic and fertility awareness educator Brandy Searcy sitting on a brick step in front of several large glazed planters with succulents

Fun facts about me

  1. I taught organic chemistry labs to college students for a couple of years. 
  2. Huge fan of rescued dogs... live with two rescues.
  3. Born and raised in south Georgia (now living in So Cal... my dad jokes if I move any further west my feet'll get wet :)

Now, it's your turn.  E-mail hey@rainorganica.com with a fun fact (or 3) about yourself!

Explore Rain Organica

Our Philosophy

We believe the best skincare ingredients are kind of like the best foods – sustainably harvested, nourishing, & clean.  


We believe medicine looks like:  a hot cup of tea, a warm shower, a walk with our best friend, & a few deep breaths.


And, we really believe in our body's innate wisdom... and we're seeking to rediscover that belief.