About Rain Organica

Brandy Searcy founder of Rain Organica outside seated under a jacaranda tree

Natural Beginnings

Hey, I’m Brandy Searcy, the founder and formulator here at Rain Organica.

Red clay and dirt are as interwoven into my being as memories of fireflies twinkling at dusk, my sister and I playing among oaks and pines, fishing with my grandma along river banks, and helping my grandfather in his garden as he transformed plants into one another (yes, he was a master gardener).

Nature has always been a huge part of my life because I was raised IN it.  And, to this day, if you ask me where I want to be if I could be anywhere in the world, my answer is quite simple:  Outside.

I'll do pretty much whatever it takes to maximize the amount of time I'm able to spend outside including pruning my skincare routine down to almost nothing. 

Of course, minimizing a skincare routine means the products I use have to be   multi-functional and nutrient rich.  My skin has one extra requirement:  I have "problem" (read: acne prone) skin, so finding all-in-one products on the market that don't make me break out is nearly impossible.

As a nature lover, shopping for skincare doesn't stop when I find a product that I'm comfortable using on my problematic skin.  The product also has to pass through my sustainability filter.

Yes, shopping for skincare was an exhausting ordeal for me, and I started thinking it would be less time consuming if I just started making my own products.  So, that's what I did.

I've been making my own skincare products since 2008, and I decided to start this business because I think you might be like me - struggling to find sustainably crafted all-in-one skincare products that you feel confident using... and take with you wherever you go.

I'd like to welcome you to Rain Organica - where you'll find your new skincare routine.

Brandy Searcy, Owner & Formulator

Our Philosophy

We hold these truths to be self-evident:

We are all connected and are not beings unto ourselves.  We understand that nature is sacred and that humankind holds the responsibility of maintaining the beauty, vitality, and wonder of this great planet.

We have felt the power we receive from Mother Earth.  The heightening of our senses as we wander deeper into the woods, the nourishment received from streams of sunlight, the enchantment felt as lightning bugs twinkle at dusk.

We know how it feels to leave the world behind.  To be surrounded by nature instead of civilization. To hear cicadas humming at dusk, the melody of songbirds at daybreak, the soft croak of frogs after a rainstorm.

We have experienced the impossible feeling of weightlessness as we shift into nature's rhythm becoming keenly aware of just how connected we are to the earth beneath our feet and the life around us.

We know that nature offers us room to breathe, a vast expanse to explore - whether in the microcosm of a garden plot or in an enveloping forest - and space to find ourselves.

And, in that space, we will be there with you.


Sustainable & Ethical Skincare

If you'd like to learn more about Rain Organica's sustainability practices and ingredients sourcing, be sure to check out this link.

Cruelty Free & Vegan Skincare

All products are vegan, and there's absolutely zero testing on animals - only friends!

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