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Seeking a simple skincare routine

Simple Healthy Skincare

When we're talking skincare, why is it that a single leave-on product isn’t able to meet all of your skin’s needs?  And, what are your skin’s needs anyways?

In case you've ever found shopping for skincare a baffling ordeal, meet Rain Organica.

Founded by a pharmaceutical formulations development scientist who decided there was a gentler way to care for her skin rather than treat it as a canvas to wage war on, Rain Organica offers products intentionally developed to nourish, protect, & soothe your skin... in other words, to treat your skin as loved.

Founder's Story

I'm Brandy Searcy, and during a course of Accutane in my early 20s (after exhausting the rest of Western medicine's arsenal for treating acne), I realized that your skin is an organ to be loved rather than a canvas to wage war on.

The side effects of that course (mild as they might have been when we're talking Accutane), made me stop treatment mid-course and turn an about face, doing a complete 180 on how I treated my skin and finally recognizing my skin as a part of my body, worthy of being loved, nourished, and cared for. 

Deciding to draw a line in the sand and stop putting things into and on my body that were detrimental to my skin's (and my body's) health, I recognized there's still a lack of safe, effective, all-in-one products available that also don't cause breakouts.

Simplifying your Skincare 

The real beauty of Rain Organica is that you don't have to decide whether the brand classifies your skin as oily, sensitive, dry, combo, or whatever else.  Rain Organica has taken the guesswork out of skincare through deliberate and intentional product development.

The brand offers 3 products (regardless of your skin type) to meet all 6 of your skin's needs.  When your skin requests more, you're able to choose add-ons (custom mix-in products) that provide you the power to fully customize your routine... in just 3 steps.

So, get ready to declutter your counter and experience your healthiest skin with a brand that knows what your skin needs.

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How are 3 products suitable for all skin types?


How is it possible that a product works for all skin types?

  1. Intentional ingredient choices reduce the potential that you may be sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients regardless of how many allergies and sensitivities you have.

    Every ingredient is thoroughly researched, evaluating its benefits for your skin along with its potential to cause sensitivity or allergic reactions.  When an ingredient's widely known to cause sensitivity or allergic reactions, it doesn't go into the product.

  2. Energetics matter.  Are you familiar with Ayurveda?  This holistic wellness system considers the energy of individual herbs and foods. 

    For example, cucumber, rose, and Indian gooseberry (amla) are cooling.  Ayurvedic herbs like heart leaved moonseed (aka guduchi or giloy) and manjistha are heating.  Each herb also has its own moisturizing or drying (good for acne) effects.

    By considering an ingredient's energetics, it's possible to blend in ways to create alchemy, achieving harmony between the ingredients so that whatever your skin type, the blend works for you.

  3. Balancing the blend.  The 3 essential skincare products you'll find here were designed to be as universal as possible so that you, your sister, your best friend, your brother, & your boyfriend can all use them.

    The cleanser is gentle, not too stripping, so it won't dry out your skin or create inflammation.

    The toner is soothing with cucumber & rose.

    The day & night lotion is lightweight with just enough oil to keep your skin from going into sebum overdrive and nourishing (non-comedogenic) oils to nurture dry, sensitive, and inflamed skin.

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Customizing your routine

Rain Organica gives you the ability to customize your routine to your heart’s desire by selecting mix-ins.  With the mix-in collection, you're able to:

  • blend your own eye cream in the palm of your hand

  • turn your summer time lotion into a heavier winter time lotion encouraging a healthy glow in the depths of February

  • customize for wherever you are, whether you're home in dry Colorado or traveling somewhere tropical 

Here you’ll find it’s blissfully simple to choose & customize your skincare without worrying whether you're picking the right products.

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Okay, so who’s making these products?

The entire Rain Organica product line is developed in house by yours truly. 

Just a brief background:  I'm a chemical engineer hailing from Georgia Tech and have been in the world of formulation development for a while now... including more than a decade as a pharmaceutical formulation scientist. I'm also a bit of a science geek, which you might have picked up on from the podcast

Fun facts about me

  1. I taught organic synthesis labs to college students for a couple of years. 
  2. Huge fan of rescued dogs... live with two rescues.
  3. Born and raised in south Georgia (now living in So Cal... my dad jokes if I move any further west my feet'll get wet :)

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Finding balance

Raised by a nurse, Western medicine was the way I approached health related problems until finally discovering the healing abilities of alternative modalities beginning with myofascial massage. 

In case you're wondering what alternative healing modalities have to do with skincare, the answer is deep… 

We are so much more than matter, and it matters where and how we source our nourishment.

Having personally experienced the healing power of myofascial massage, my perspective widened & allowed opportunity to explore other therapies like Reiki (energy massage) and acupuncture. 

These therapies address the energetic piece of our being, encouraging the flow of life force within us. 

Your diet and breathwork are two ways to replenish that flow of life force within you daily, and your skincare offers the same opportunity to infuse your body with that vital life force.

In fact, you'll often hear me speak of your skincare as a diet for your skin.

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Bottling Life Force

You’re invited to experience the energy of fresh, sustainably cultivated, & ethically grown & harvested ingredients for yourself.

Welcome to Rain Organica.

Brandy Searcy, Owner & Formulator

Our Philosophy

We believe the best skincare ingredients are kind of like the best foods – sustainably harvested, nourishing, & clean.  


We believe in the freeing power of simple rituals: a hot cup of tea & a book chapter to unwind at the end of the day, a warm shower & a few minutes to cleanse, nourish, & protect our skin.


And, we really believe in spontaneity, last-minute road trips, and savoring every last minute of daylight...  

and, we think our skincare should be able to come along for the journey.

Sustainable & Ethical Skincare

Find out more about Rain Organica's sustainability practices and ingredients sourcing here.

Cruelty Free & Vegan Skincare

All products are vegan, and there's absolutely zero testing on animals - only friends!

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