Nurturing a Sustainable Future

As an eco-conscious and sustainability minded brand, Rain Organica seeks to support environmentally minded organizations and causes.  Here's how we give to support a healthy earth.

Leave No Trace Community Partner 2021

Outdoor Outreach Lead the Way Gala Sponsor 2020

Outdoor Outreach ongoing small business sponsor 2020-current

About Outdoor Outreach:  A San Diego based non-profit organization, Outdoor Outreach empowers youth from under-resourced communities by offering opportunities to experience a wide variety of outdoor activities like hiking, surfing, & camping.

Gold Standard Carbon Offset Purchases:

2020 Carbon Offsets

  • Low Smoke Stoves in Darfur - (1 ton CO2 offset)
  • Emissions Reductions from PET Recycling, Romania - (1 ton CO2 offset)
  • Sidrap Wind Farm Project, Indonesia - (1 ton CO2 offset)
  • Terraclear - Clean water access for families in Laos (1 ton CO2 offset)