Nurturing a Sustainable Future

As an eco-conscious and sustainability minded brand, Rain Organica seeks to support environmentally minded organizations and causes.  Here's how we give to support a healthy earth.

Leave No Trace Community Partner 2021

Outdoor Outreach Lead the Way Gala Sponsor 2020

Outdoor Outreach ongoing small business sponsor

About Outdoor Outreach:  A San Diego based non-profit organization, Outdoor Outreach empowers youth from under-resourced communities by offering opportunities to experience a wide variety of outdoor activities like hiking, surfing, & camping.

Sustainable Harvest International ongoing small business sponsor

Sustainable Harvest International (SHI) partners with smallholder farmers in Belize, Honduras, and Panama to provide technical assistance in regenerative practices that restore and rebuild soil without resorting to deforestation.

Agricultural production continues to be a primary driver of deforestation worldwide, but SHI trains farmers to adopt techniques that produce an abundance of healthy food while protecting biodiversity and mitigating the effects of climate change. SHI's vision is to achieve food security for 5 million people while sequestering 18 million tons of carbon dioxide and restoring 8 million acres of degraded land by 2030. 

Gold Standard Carbon Offset Purchases:

2020 Carbon Offsets

  • Low Smoke Stoves in Darfur - (1 ton CO2 offset)
  • Emissions Reductions from PET Recycling, Romania - (1 ton CO2 offset)
  • Sidrap Wind Farm Project, Indonesia - (1 ton CO2 offset)
  • Terraclear - Clean water access for families in Laos (1 ton CO2 offset)