Sustainability & Carbon Neutrality Program

Rain Organica's Sustainability Practices

As an eco-conscious business, part of our practice is evaluating how we minimize our impact on the environment.  So naturally, Rain Organica offsets its carbon footprint.

I thought I'd take a few minutes to describe how we're calculating Rain Organica's carbon emissions (and how we're offsetting those emissions).

Steps in the Product Creation Process

Every product delivered to your doorstep has its own life story. 

The product's story has some common threads or steps (kind of like each and every one of us has common stories - unique to each and every one of us - our birth, our first word, our school years, how we landed our first job, how we decided what we want to do with our life, our adventures), and just like each of us, the product's story is always unique.

I want to share with you the common threads in product creation, and it starts with a seed.

A crop is grown & the parts of the plant harvested (whether leaves, fruits, or seeds) at maturity.  The harvest is sorted to remove shells, hulls, leaf litter, debris,and other things.  Believe it or not, many of our ingredients really are hand harvested and hand sorted.

planting, growing, and harvesting crops used for skincare ingredients

At this point, depending on which ingredient we're talking about, the story diverges.  I'm going to finish out this particular story thread by continuing with how cold pressed oils are made, specifically olive oil just because that is a fruit so many of us are familiar with.

Olives are mashed until they look like olive pulp.  The pulp is then strained to separate the solid olive pieces from the oil. 

Once the oil is separated from the solids, it's bottled, labeled, and shipped to Rain Organica as a raw ingredient.  When it arrives onsite, we use it to create the trail friendly products in the travel friendly packaging that you take with you on your explorations.  Of course, we also account for shipping it from our workshop to your door.

process for creating and bottling cold pressed oils for skincare

And, while that's where we stop tracking Rain Organica's carbon emissions, that transition from us to you is just the beginning of the product's adventures.

Carbon Offset 2020

If you want to read more about our carbon offsetting practices and read about which programs we support for each carbon offset purchased in 2020, click the links below.

Carbon Offsetting