Are your products vegan and/or cruelty free?

YES!  Every single product you'll find here is vegan and cruelty free.

Rain Organica is certified cruelty free (and vegan) by PETA.

Do your products contain gluten?

While our products do not contain gluten (you won't find wheat, barley, rye or even oats in the ingredients list), however we do not manufacture in a gluten free facility.

Are your products organic?

Wherever possible we utilize certified organic ingredients, however our products themselves are not certified.

We aim to source the highest quality, most sustainable and ethically produced ingredients we can find, and many of these ingredients are organic or ECOCert.  In some cases, it's simply not possible to harvest an ingredient organically - candelilla wax is one example of this.

Where are your products made?

Our products are made in small batches at our facility in California.

I have acne-prone skin. Can I use your products?

Yes!  I also struggle with acne, and every single product is made with acne prone skin in mind.

I can't tolerate strong scents. Can I use your products?

All face care products are completely free of essential oils and absolutes.  For body care, you can pick fragrance free or fragranced with essential oils & absolutes. 

You won't find synthetic fragrance in any Rain Organica product. 

One thing you will notice is that even the fragrance free/essential oil free products have a slight scent - what you're smelling is the natural fragrance of the ingredients used in those products, for some products, like Leave No Trace No Rinse Cleanser, it's earthy. 

For other products, like Light Mist Toner, it's cucumber-y. 

How can I learn more about your ingredients?

Check out the ingredients page.  From there, you'll find more in-depth links to articles for some of the ingredients, and as Rain Organica matures, you'll find even more links.

What if my question isn't answered here?

If you didn't find your question answered here, please send a note to info@rainorganica.com