Natural Contraception: How to confidently predict your fertile window

This is the complete course:  decoding your body's signals, how to read your body's signals to track your cycle and feel your best.

This course includes 6 modules and a foundations section.  Here's what we'll cover:

  1. Foundations:  your girl parts:  yes, you probably went over this in sex ed class at some point, but chances are, it's been awhile.  We'll keep this pertinent to the parts of your anatomy that are relevant to the rest of the modules, and you'll find some super helpful graphics in this section for your reference.
  2. Module 1:  Your menstrual cycle:  An overview of each phase of your cycle plus what your hormones are doing throughout your cycle.
  3. Module 2:  Tracking your cycle:  A packed module covering three different fertility awareness methods.  We'll go over:
  • traditional fertility awareness (tracking your cervical fluid & confirming ovulation with a rise in basal body temperature)
  • the 'ferning method' and tracking your cycle with conductivity monitoring
  • monitoring your hormones real-time at home throughout your cycle
  • Module 3:  Common cycle irregularities:  Another dense module discussing PCOS, PMS, irregular periods, and amenorrhea (no period/skipped periods during your fertile years)
  • Module 4:  Supporting a healthy cycle:  How to use diet and lifestyle to support your hormone levels throughout your cycle.  Seed cycling, foods that support estrogen and progesterone, why estrogen is a good thing (as long as it's balanced).
  • Module 5:  How to prep for coming off the pill:  How to use fertility awareness methods when you're coming off the pill, low hormone levels, frequent UTIs, interstitial cystitis and UTIs, and mood swings.
  • Module 6:  Implementing what you've learned:  Resources and next steps for natural contraception and healthy cycles.
  • BONUS module:  A comfortable & sustainable period:  Choosing the healthiest period underwear.  Sizing and selecting your menstrual cup (overview of materials and how to figure out what size to order.  Resources for moving away from disposable pads and tampons.
  • Decoding your body's signals starts later this year.  Sign up now to receive a pre-order discount when registration opens.