Essential Oil Free, Fragrance Free, and More | Ingredients you won't find in Rain Organica's products

Let's be real.  The ingredients you want to avoid in your skincare are at least as important as the ingredients you want in your skincare.

Because what you put on your skin often gets soaked up by your skin, our mission at Rain Organica is to make sure the ingredients going into each product are safe for you regardless of whether you have any ingredient sensitivities.

What can you expect from Rain Organica

  • essential oil free options:  our entire facial line is essential oil free and you'll find an essential oil free option in all of the body care products as well
  • gluten free brand:  as a gluten sensitive individual, even the bath soaks avoid oats to help ensure you aren't exposed to gluten
  • coconut oil free, almond oil free brand:  in case you're allergic to one of these tree nuts, we avoid both coconut oil and almond oil. 

    Because we only use expeller pressed oils (a solvent free way of harvesting botanical oils), it's possible for the allergen responsible for coconut and almond allergies to make their way into the oils.

    Disclaimer:  We aren't yet manufacturing in a coconut free or nut free facility, however, we are using dedicated equipment that doesn't contact nuts.

    If you're allergic to coconut or almond (or other tree nuts), stay tuned for an episode covering ingredients derived from these sources on the podcast.

  • Phthalate free brand
  • PEG free brand