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Rain Organica's on a mission to help women make room for mindfulness with a simple, effective, safe, and sustainable skincare routine. I've been on the other side of skincare... overwhelmed by choices, afraid to use products because I didn't trust the ingredients list, and completely exhausted with the 18 step routine cluttering my bathroom counter.

If helping people achieve more moments of mindfulness in a sustainable way is your jam, here's a few ways we might connect.

Interested in an affiliate partnership? Find more on Rain Organica's affiliate program here.

Small Business Collaborations

I love collaborating with and supporting other small businesses! Whether you're thinking:

  1. giveaway
  2. blog swap
  3. podcast guest
  4. facebook/IG live
  5. Rain Organica on your store shelves

or something else, give me a shout at

Curious about current collaborations?

  1. Rain Organica's labels are printed by Leapin' Lizard Labels.

    Leapin' Lizard is based in Fort Collins, CO (just a few miles from where I used to work), prints in a facility operated by wind power, uses recycled/repurposed backings for packaging material in each shipment, composts its food scraps, and is the absolute easiest company to work with when you're printing labels in small quantities.

    In case you're in the market for labels, check them out and let them know Rain Organica sent you🙂

  2. Admittedly, I've worked with several photographers and larger photography studios by now. The photographer I've returned to (and the one behind most of the photos on the site) is Krista Mason.

    Krista's the kind of person who understands what it's like to own a small business, and she shows the love!

    I'd wax poetic for days about how wonderful it is to work with her and how much she supports her clients (through IG shoutouts, incredibly diligent calls and support ahead of and during photo shoots (did I mention she schedules remote product shoots and will send your products back to you making it even easier to work with her), and she's recently launched a second business for women entrepreneurs.
  3. Have you trademarked your business name yet? Nicole Swartz is an attorney who loves working with small women-founded businesses. She's the former founder of a product-based business, Sweet Cheeks, and due to trademark issues with that brand, she was forced to rebrand.

    Fun fact, Nicole's podcast, Cash is Queen is binge worthy. Even though she's discontinued it, the episodes are timeless and give you a sense of Nicole's personality.

  4. Stockists! You'll find a full list of stores stocking Rain Organica here.

  5. Online marketplaces. These are sites like Generous Goods and Purposer that feature brands that do good in the world. You'll find Rain Organica on both sites, and in case you'd like an introduction to either, send me an email,

Ready to hear about previous giveaways & other collabs?

Rain Organica launched in 2020, and it took me a minute to find the brand's voice. In fact, despite its young age, Rain Organica's rebranded a few times. Regardless of which version of the brand we're talking about, collaborating with other small businesses is one of the things I love most!

Here's a glimpse into what we've done before:

  1. giveaway with a gift guide for nature lovers and hikers
  2. Aspen Clean Candle founder on Holistic Wellness podcast. Oh, yes, Rain Organica had a podcast, and one of the episodes featured Jill Kosdrosky the founder of Aspen Clean Candle. Rain Organica's partnered with Aspen Clean Candle on several giveaways.

Does this provide inspiration for ways we might collaborate together as sustainable, intentional living brands? Reach out to me at