Simplifying your skincare so you can get outside

If you want a simple routine you can pack with you wherever you go, you've come to the right place. These products were developed with the outdoor girl in mind to make it as easy as possible for you to get outside while taking care of your skin.

You can keep it simple or customize your routine by selecting a facial oil or serum to mix with your facial lotion.

When you're home and dreaming of the outdoors, check out the body collection - the essential oil used in those products were specifically blended to whisk you away to some of the most incredible places.

Whether you're camping or traveling, these skincare products are your pack essentials.  Lightweight and multi-functional to keep your base weight to a minimum.

The rugged (and recyclable) packaging makes it easy to just toss these into your backpack and start trekking.

Have you ever been hiking, biking, or skiing and wished you had a pocket sized protective spray or a roller ball filled with an easily absorbed nourishing oil blend to soothe your chapped hands?

Well, you've found what you're looking for with these hiking essentials.  Offered in pocket-friendly sizes to maximize portability (and larger sizes to maximize affordability), these products have you covered on and off the trail.

Your skin is unique, just like you.

So, when you need to personalize your skincare routine, just pair any of the products in this collection with Pack Essentials.

Whether it's summertime, and First Light is just a little too heavy for your day-to-day activities in the heat or winter rolls around and you need a little extra oomph to keep your skin supple and glowing (and protected from wind chap), you'll find what you're looking for here.

The Custom Collection products can be used alone or easily blended with your face lotion to get the perfect custom blend.

Click on the products below to learn more about how to mix & match to create your own custom routine.

Help your body recover with relaxing bath soaks to unwind overworked muscles & nourish your skin with a healthy dose of essential fatty acids found in Meadowfoam + Fog Body Oil.

While all Rain Organica's facial products are essential oil free, our body care products incorporate essential oils & botanical essences to treat your mind and spirit along with your body.

The essential oil blends you'll experience in these products will whisk you away to remote places, stirring dreams of your next adventure.