Meeting Your Skin's Needs: Cleansing

Published on: February 6, 2021

Whether you have oily, dry, sensitive, acne prone, or combo skin, cleansing your face at the end of each day is key for maintaining a clear complexion.  Daily cleansing doubles as a gentle exfoliation, sweeping away the layer of skin cells ready to shed.  It also removes dirt, grime, dried sweat, and excess oil. 

Over cleansing is a common problem during the cleansing step. Over cleansing
strips skin of its natural oils causing skin to boost sebum production resulting in
dreaded mid-day shine. That mid-day shine can lead to a downward spiral of
even more over cleansing causing even more sebum production.

Choosing a gentle cleanser lets you thoroughly cleanse your skin without stripping it of its natural oils.

Rain Organica offers an incredibly gentle cream-based cleanser that can be used as a regular cleanser and also a rinse free cleanser making it even more versatile for your lifestyle (especially if you spend a bit of time in the backcountry).

dead sea mud cream cleanser in an airless bottle on a gray wood with textured background and pink pepper tree sprig

Cleansing isn't over when you complete the "wash" step of your skincare routine, it continues into your "toning" step.

What do toners do?

Toners serve a few purposes in skincare.  When you cleanse your face, typically the last thing on your face is tap water.  And, if you live in the US, chances are you have hard water, which means some cleanser residue is likely still on your skin after you've finished the "cleansing" or "wash" step.

By following your cleansing step with a toner, you rinse away any remaining soap residue left behind from hard water.  There’s typically a profound difference in how your skin feels when you skip a toner (you may be familiar with it, a tight feeling after cleansing) compared with when you use a toner (soft, smooth skin).

Toners are often credited as being necessary to “restore your skin’s pH or balance your skin’s pH” back to 4.5 to 5.5 range, and they definitely help adjust your skin’s pH, bringing it closer to that natural pH value immediately after cleansing.

A toner’s real value lies in its ability to thoroughly dampen your skin so that it’s more receptive to your moisturizer.

By applying moisturizer to skin damp with toner, you will:

  1. use less moisturizer
  2. boost your moisturizer’s ability (and all the active ingredients it contains) to soak in more quickly

The toning step provides a great opportunity to meet your skin’s needs, & a good toner moisturizes, soothes, and protects your skin all in one step. Rain Organica’s Light Mist toner includes ingredients that do all three of these things.

Brandy Searcy founder Rain Organica

About the Author

Brandy Searcy is an outdoor girl who loves hiking, gardening, bird-watching, and body boarding.  Her innate curiosity means she's constantly researching something, and she's likely sharing what she's learned here on the blog. 

Nearly obsessive about her skincare, she started developing products to pack with her on day hikes and soon realized her backpacking friends were searching for a portable skincare routine as well, and that's how Rain Organica started.

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