It's Galentine's Day! These are the women owned businesses I'm crushing on

      1. Jen Poulson: hiring Jen as a mindset coach is single handedly the best investment I've made in my business to date!

        Now, in case you're ready to breeze right past this one because you shop talk doesn't apply, the reason why Jen has been so good for me is that she's helped me with:

      • my health
      • my confidence
      • my relationships
      • the way I show up in the room

      I could wax poetic for hours about how much this work has transformed me as a person and while that might help you understand the transformative nature of her work, an easier way is for you to experience it for yourself.
      Jen's been on the podcast before, so catch that episode here.
      For more of Jen, the easiest place to go is to this post (scroll down, there are several links to other sessions with Jen).
      Also, in case you want to dip your toe in deeper, her Year of Miracles is chef's kiss!


      1. Corynne Smith, Affirmations of Wellness: do you have that one person in your life who makes you feel super special? The one who lights up every time she sees you no matter how long it's been?

      The one who's legitimately (without a shred of BS) always always able to see the silver lining and who's overflowing with joy and abundance?
      That's Corynne. I've known Corynne now for about a year through some serious lows in her life (her doggie who she absolutely adores is navigating an intense & completely out of the blue health problem among other things Corynne's managing) and she handles it all with a grace that is simply awe inspiring.
      If you are ever in the Oceanside area, plan a yoga class or a massage session with Corynne. I make very few guarantees, but this is one... the time you spend with her will change your life.


      1. Sarah Villafranco, founder Osmia Skincare: I can't help it (and as the founder of a skincare brand, I've tried to help it!)... Sarah is magnetic and I am mildly obsessed with Osmia. They're releasing a rosemary hair oil today that I may or may not have already ordered😊

      2. Amy Oldfield: This British native's been on my watch list for years! Amy was on the podcast a while ago (and you're able to catch that episode here).
        Amy's got this quiet confidence about her like she knows things... and turns out she's pretty spectacular at helping women in that perimenopause/menopause transition lose extra belly fat.
        In fact,of all the sessions planned for the upcoming Flourish Beyond 40 summit, Amy's are the ones I'm most excited for.
        In case you haven't registered for this summit yet,click here to lock in your price at the early bird rate (it goes up on February 14, 2024). The summit begins Friday February 23rd and we meet on Fridays and Mondays for an hour to guide you on your path to weight loss beyond 40.

      3. Maria Uspenski, The Tea Spot: The Tea Spot makes hands down the best green and white tea I’ve ever had (and at this point I’ve tried a lot of brands!). The Tea Spot is so good in fact that I stopped trying other brands about five years ago (I’ve been drinking The Tea Spot tea since circa 2012… or was it 2008?)

      4. Anna, Bella & Sunshine Rescue: Anna (Annalise) is kind of like Cher. I don’t know her last name, and it's still possible to ID her... she’s the dobie lady!  Bella and Sunshine Rescue specialize in dobies, but Anna takes dogs that touch her heart (the one that crushed me was the pittie which she named after herself).

        I met Anna in person the day I adopted Thor from Riverside Humane Society. We’ve been in contact ever since and Bella and Sunshine is one of the organizations Rain Organica supports.

      5. Krista Mason, photography: Krista’s done most of the brand photography here at Rain Organica (and all the photos of me you’ll find here and at Better than Fine). She’s based in the Santa Monica area and open to travel. She’s also fun loving and so supportive of women owned businesses in the area! She photographs everything… brand photos, weddings, newborns, and pets.

      6. Gina Valdez: Gina’s a pelvic floor therapist who practices Mercier Therapy. She’s based in Vista and also teaches aerobics classes a few days a week… in her backyard!
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    Brandy's a formulation scientist and self-proclaimed health geek who loves hiking, gardening, bird-watching, and body boarding. 

    Her struggle with acne during her teens and 20s led to a holistic and healthy approach to skincare, embracing skin as an organ to be loved and cared for rather than a canvas to wage war on. 

    Since 2008, she's been developing all-in-one products for a simple routine at home, & Rain Organica started when her backpacking friends asked for a portable skincare routine to keep their skin healthy & happy on and off the trails.

    You can try Rain Organica for yourself with The Essentials Kit, a complete skincare routine in just 3 steps.

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