Best Galentine's Day Ideas

Published:  January 15, 2021

Your guide to the best Galentine's Day Party... Ever

We're talking gifts (hostess gifts, spoil all the girls gifts, and party favors), games & activities, best Galentine's Day movies (forget the romance, these are real chick flicks), and whatever I left off the list in this post.

Galentine's Day Gifts & Party Favors

Pocket Size Skincare

These botanical oil roller-balls treat chapped hands any time while keeping palms slip free.  The fast absorbing oil blend is rich in skin nourishing oils like flax seed, pumpkin seed, and evening primrose oil & is rich in essential fatty acids to restore chapped skin almost as quickly as it soaks into skin.

If she's sensitive to fragrances, opt for Ayres, an all natural fragrance free blend that also includes cranberry seed oil.

Or, gift her aromatherapy + chapped hand relief with one of these all natural fragrance blends:

  • Halcyon:  A calming blend of lavender, chamomile, & cardamom essential oils to calm her mind.
  • Ojai:  A bright blend of orange blossom (neroli) & ylang ylang beautiful for late winter and early spring to encourage daydreams of verdant spring paths laden with orange blossoms.
  • Ouray:  A bold unisex-y essential oil blend that's nearly indescribable.  Like dappled sunlit paths.

Warm her hands & her heart

Blanket her coffee tumbler, steel pint cup, or water bottle with Merino love.  The sleeves allow her to pick up wool softness rather than cold, hard steel on a chilly day.  Wool is naturally anti-microbial, and these sleeves are machine washable.  These sleeves are an eco-friendly alternative to coozies, and Citizen Burro is passionate about soil health and carbon sequestration.

(This drink blanket is one of my favorite purchases from 2020, and I adore the way Citizen Burro packages these... if you get one of their stainless steel drink holders, it arrives in its own reusable packaging blanket.)

pink Merino wool sleeve coozie for aluminum cans with pink heart and red Ouray rollerball for chapped hands with blooming light pink African violet blooming in background

Tea:  A Rewarding Daily Ritual

If she loves tea, she will adore The Tea Spot.  I discovered The Tea Spot circa 2008, and years later, they still consistently create phenomenal tea.  I have a weakness for strong jasmine green tea, but Boulder Blues and Meditative Mind are a couple of my other faves (plus a new crush:  Coconut Crush Chai).

If she likes it strong (or is super eco-conscious), opt for loose leaf so she can strengthen her brew.

One more of my favorite purchases from 2020 is The Everest Tea Tumbler (also from The Tea Spot).  It legitimately keeps tea hot for hours, and it's my favorite thing for working from home... especially in cold(er) weather where a thermos of tea is always handy.

(In case you're wondering,... I'm not an affiliate for any businesses I share on the blog, the only business I've got a vested interest in is Rain Organica.  That said, I share my own opinions of what I most love (or most want to try)... and keep silent on the rest :)

The Best Galentine's Day Cards

If you want the most unique cards around, pick up 10 original note cards complete with recycled Kraft envelopes from Nuu Muu.  You'll get two each of 5 unique (limited edition) fabric print cards, each card is blank and ready to customize with a note for each one of the special women in your life.

Galentine's Day Party Activities

Bond over Wood Burning

If you need some inspiration for a great Galentine's Day activity, check out Mosstangle Arts Wood Burning: Rustic Hearts class offered through the Kula Academy.  You'll be guided step-by-step in how to create your own design on wood.  If you don't have your own tools, you can pick up everything you need when you sign up, and this is a great class to bond with your group of girls or to take with your best friend.

Galentine's Party Ideas | Mosstangle Arts Woodburning Workshop: Rustic Hearts

Play Galentine's Day Taboo

I've made a set of Galentine's Day Taboo cards just for you.  Sign up for Rain Organica's newsletter to download your printable set.

While you're at it, you can also download 32 nature themed Taboo cards (you'll get the link for both sets by signing up for Rain Organica's newsletter).

Pick up 24 Printable Galentine's Day Themed Taboo Cards

Just sign up for Rain Organica's newsletter for your free downloadable/printable Taboo cards.

    Best Galentine's Day Movies

    Okay, you're about to find out just how old school I am when it comes to movies.

    Are you ready?

    Brokedown Palace Claire Danes is pretty much the best actress ever.  Grab a box of tissues and settle in.

    Cruel Intentions Might want to grab a second box of tissues.

    Steel Magnolias:  3rd, 4th, 5th boxes.

    The Help disclaimer - I've only ever read the book, but I assume the movie is just as amazing, (and you'll need more tissue)

    And, I just remembered tissue paper is probably in short supply, so consider brand new Kulas as party favors for the girls (they double as Kleenex when they're new :)

    Quick Galentine's Day Wrap-Up

    Just a quick reminder to sign up for Rain Organica's newsletter if you want the downloadable Galentine's Day Taboo cards.

    And, if you have other ideas for the best Galentine's Day ever, drop a comment below or send me an email (

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