Company Philosophy and Founding Principles

Founding Principles

We hold these truths to be self-evident:

We are all connected and are not beings unto ourselves.

We understand that nature is sacred and that humankind is singularly responsible as stewards of this great planet.

We have felt the power we receive from Mother Earth.  The heightening of our senses as we wander deeper into the woods, the nourishment we receive from streams of sunlight, the wonder felt as lightning bugs twinkle at dusk.

We know how it feels to leave the world behind.  To be surrounded by nature instead of civilization.  And, in that space, we will be there with you. 

Whether you choose to come back to the “real” world is up to you, but we’re with you for that too.

So, come on, what are you waiting for?  Let’s get out there!  Nature awaits.

We carefully research the safety of every ingredient - ensuring that we craft the safest, cleanest products possible. The efficacy of our ingredients are all solidly backed by science.

Our products are all small-batch process, allowing us to maintain strict quality control.

Sustainable & Ethical Skincare

Ingredients and Packaging

Because of these truths, we are compelled to source ingredients from the most eco-conscious route possible and are equally compelled to ensure that every pair of hands creating that ingredient, from the farmers to the harvesters to the workers pressing the oil from the fruits and seeds, are paid a living wage.

That's why we work with suppliers that share that commitment, and one of those suppliers is both Fair for Life and Zero Waste Certified.  We also seek to source ECOCert ingredients where possible.

And, we know that it’s not enough to merely ethically source our ingredients. 

We must ensure we create the smallest environmental footprint possible when manufacturing, packaging, labeling, and shipping our products to you. 

Beyond Carbon Neutral

Because we have a responsibility to those who come after us and to the flora and fauna that co-habit this planet with us, we are fervently working to begin offseting the environmental footprint we create, however small that footprint may be.  

Our goal is to be more than just carbon neutral – we’re aiming for carbon positive because Mother Nature needs every bit of support she can get, and she has provided us with SO much. 

We'll keep you up to date as we progress with our carbon neutrality and ultimately carbon positive program.

We aim to use ingredients from sustainable and ethical sources wherever possible.

Cruelty Free Skincare

Almost all of our products are vegan, and there's absolutely zero testing on animals - only friends!


 Cruelty Free Certified